Inner Child Integration

Have you been hearing all the fuss of how important it is to see life with that childlike wonder? Have you been hearing psychologists, new-agers, and spiritual authorities going on about healing the inner child and just don’t know where to start? Is it even important? Can’t I just skip this and be successful and happy and leave my inner child alone?

What if I told you that in order to open the gates of abundance into your life, you are going to need all of you on board, and the one who has the gates keys… You guessed it. It’s your inner child. 

This can be a painful process for a lot of people, and that inner child of yours deserves your attention. It is a hard thing to go about doing without knowing what it wants to hear, and what it definitely doesn’t want to hear.

The Inner-Child can be our greatest ally or our most successful saboteur.

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