What’s holding you back? Your pissed off Inner-Child. by Casey Marlin

I have the pleasure of being able to work with people who are enthusiastic and so ready to make changes. They come to me with a “just say the magic word” mentality. I wish for them that it was that easy, I wish all of the standard motivational crap worked for longer than its initialContinue reading “What’s holding you back? Your pissed off Inner-Child. by Casey Marlin”

New Year’s Resolution Hack – By Casey Marlin

The enticing New Years resolutions… Looks like an appetizing menu for the shiny new year. Yet they have such a bad rep… With good reason, they don’t work out so well. Why is that? The answer is pretty simple, we want to be shiny and new like the new year itself, but we aren’t goingContinue reading “New Year’s Resolution Hack – By Casey Marlin”

The Practice of Fear Identification – by Casey Marlin

Knowing that stress and anger are only byproducts of fear can help us reason with our triggers.

How Repression has Made You Opinionated – by Casey Marlin

We all know that repression is bad, but we don’t seem to have any idea how common it is in our everyday lives. We don’t see the ever-present symptoms within ourselves or others. If you want to take notice of what repression looks like you will need to understand that the telltale sign of repressionContinue reading “How Repression has Made You Opinionated – by Casey Marlin”

10 Entirely Selfish Reasons to Forgive Someone by Casey Marlin

Why would anyone want to forgive someone? Your IQ and skin might be a good reason to start.