Hey there! Glad you found me! I am a highly empathic intuitive who has dedicated my life to healing and the healing of others. This has brought me down several avenues to learn about how our stress affects the mind, body, and relationships.

To my (and many others) excitement the philosophies and methods of healing and self-improvement of the East and West are merging together in modern science today for the benefit of all. Cognomovement is one of those fascinating discoveries. You do not need to believe in the Eastern traditions (or even western medicine for that matter!) for this to work for you!

Cognomovement is something I use on a regular basis for myself and loved ones because the results we get are profound and immediate. I can say that cognomovement is one of the most valuable tools I have used and has had the most dramatic effect on my healing journey. I am so excited to be able to help guide others towards the relief and happiness that I now experience that was once absent from my life.

Sending Love to you all,






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