How Repression has Made You Opinionated – by Casey Marlin

We all know that repression is bad, but we don’t seem to have any idea how common it is in our everyday lives. We don’t see the ever-present symptoms within ourselves or others. If you want to take notice of what repression looks like you will need to understand that the telltale sign of repression is any resistance to processing anything negative.

Closeup Surprised Black Cat Face with Yellow Eyes opening Mouth
For most of human history not excluding today the ultimate punishment for an unpopular opinion is death. Now that we are maturing more as a society we are finding ourselves in some very awkward times. Even with freedom of speech being law nobody wants to feel wrong or opposed as it can dislodge our sense of safety. This leaves most people unable to have a simple disagreement without an ‘unfriending’ or inflamed emotions. We are taught not to discuss certain things like politics at a young age for this reason but unfortunately, everything has become very apparently political. We can’t seem to discuss science and health without it feeling taboo as these industries are pushed to evolve. We have become bleak in person to avoid conflict leaving us to roar with emotion behind social media.

We have so many opinions flying around us at all times about our products, locations, entertainment, health, science, and politics. No one wants to be on the wrong end of an opinion but we have to understand that this is IMPOSSIBLE! We avoid this to seemingly create a more peaceful life but it instead creates self-denial. This denial manifests as anger towards anything that opposes us because it harms our sense of self. We avoid this conflict by becoming as neutral as possible in as many places as we can. Today many actually find it safe to have opposing beliefs towards many infrastructures to the point that they cannot or will not attempt to relate with anything that may be supportive of what they oppose, as this would also be detrimental to a fragile sense of self that is looking to be empowered. Having an opinion is not a bad thing, it is only when our opinion cannot be opposed easily does it flaw our character and make it harder to actually be in a position of resolve rather than only the position of opposition. We set up win-lose situations this way rather than trying to be on board with looking at how things can and will integrate together.

In our efforts to fight for our sense of self within the opinions we endure many decide to post or repost heated and insensitive material creating an even scarier platform for an opposing belief on the internet. This is critical to the creation of a mature environment to freely express oneself on the internet without anonymity but it leaves a lot of us feeling like we just walked into a real-life set of the movie Mean Girls. To defend our sense of safety we find our ways into niches as a safe place to express what it is we believe. When we are in these places we get reaffirmed to the point that we find ourselves unable to relate to those who are not in the niche group. This can help us learn to express as much as it can blind us. We have to be able to integrate better within the rest of the world, our ideas are at stake. Keeping them safe within a group and within your head won’t be what changes the world.


So the only cure we have as a society is to go out and be vulnerable, people appreciate it more than you think. Tell people what interests and intrigues you without worrying if they will think you are stupid or wrong for it. People are more open to just about everything these days and we can’t let the loudest person on the internet make you feel uncomfortable. Your ability to express yourself might be exactly what someone else needs to be able to express themselves. This is how we create social environments that feel safe, by allowing our surroundings to be more than black and white.

If someone else’s opinion still leaves you feeling angry you might have to ask yourself who inside is so uncomfortable about this. Often something as simple as another opinion can trigger something much deeper within us and that needs to be addressed. We cannot allow others their freedom if we have internal wars still waging within us. We all have repressed beliefs that cause us discomfort when we come face to face with them.



Want to know what holds you back from being able to speak your truth or allow others to do the same? Feel free to contact me.

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My name is Casey Marlin and I am a Life Coach that specializes in emotional counseling. I hope the information here supports your growth and if it does I encourage you to share it with others. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your interest in self-development. The world is changed one person at a time. 

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